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MAIN – Catalogue

After signing up for a subscription your account will open directly in the MAIN Catalogue after signing in. Here you will see NEW, UPDATED and POPULAR categories at the top of the screen. 


To search for a particular song, use the SEARCH bar in the top right corner.

Our favorite way to find songs is with the FILTER drop down menu in the top left corner. You can choose between CATEGORY, SONGS, FORMAT and LEVEL. 

ABC or SOLFEGE Notation

You can choose between ABC or SOLFEGE Notation in the top bar menu or in the CATEGORY.


Under every video there is an “ADD TO FAVORITES” button. Click the heart and the video will be added to your FAVORITES category. Once favorite videos are selected, the FAVORITE Category will appear at the top of the MAIN Catalogue. The favorites category is also accessible from the Header Menu. Unfortunately, at this time, it is not possible to create playlists or customize your FAVORITES.  


To cancel your subscription go to ACCOUNT (dashboard) page. Click on Purchases. In the Purchases view, locate the active subscription and click Cancel Membership. Once this step is complete, the subscription will be officially cancelled and you will not be charged for the subscription in future months.

How to Download

* Downloadable videos to use offline

* These videos can be shared with your students for Home/Online learning

* These videos cannot be shared with any person outside of your school (or organization) 


* Click the 'Download' button below the video

* The download will open in a new tab:

- for Chrome: in the new tab, click the 3 vertical dots and then select Download

- for Safari & Firefox: in the new tab, right click the screen and select ‘Save as’ to save the file to your device

* The Video will download to your computer/device

- You will want to give the download file a name too (and probably organize within a folder)

- Videos can only be downloaded individually